Majority of patients with Type 2 Diabetes may use test strips inappropriately
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Use of Smart Technology for Diabetes Management
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Vitamin D deficiency linked to greater risk of diabetes
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Fresh Food Program Makes a Difference in  Type 2 Diabetes
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Are Patients with Type 2 Diabetes Monitoring Blood Glucose Needlessly?
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How To Lower Your A1C Levels – Diabetes Self-Management
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Diabetes: Fasting before a blood test might actually be harmful
Is it actually a good idea for people with diabetes to fast before having a blood cholesterol test? A new study suggests this may do more harm than good. Source: Diabetes: Fasting before a Read more
Increasing Incidence of Diabetes After Immune Checkpoint Inhibitor Therapy – Endocrinology Advisor
Reports of immune checkpoint inhibitors causing immune-related adverse events such as insulin-dependent diabetes are on the rise, according to a case series published in Diabetes Care. Read more
Metformin Shown to Decrease Age-Related Macular Degeneration Risk in Patients with Diabetes
In a new study conducted in Taiwan, investigators found that use of metformin to treat diabetes also reduced the risk of AMD development over a 13-year period. Source: Metformin Shown to Decrease AMD Risk in Diabetes Read more
Type 2 Diabetes an Independent Risk Factor for Coronary Artery Disease
Type 2 diabetes is an independent risk factor for sudden cardiac arrest and death in patients with coronary artery disease with preserved ejection fraction. Source: Type 2 Diabetes an Read more
Antibiotics and Blood Glucose
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Promoting Health After Gestational Diabetes
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The six steps to insulin safety
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Why Some People with Diabetes Taking Metformin Need More Vitamin B12
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Pops Diabetes wins FDA clearance for blood glucose monitoring system
Pops Diabetes Care said this week that the FDA cleared its Pops! one blood glucose monitoring system. The Minneapolis-based company’s device can be attached directly to the back of a Read more
You May Be Prediabetic and Don’t Know It, CDC Warns
More than one-third of Americans have prediabetes, but 90 percent of them don’t know they have it, medical experts say. Source: You May Be Prediabetic and Don’t Know It, CDC Read more
Diabetes Self-Care Courses Can Come With Sticker Shock
Hospitals lure diabetes patients with self-management classes, but the education can come with a high price Read more
Risk for Fetal Loss Early in Pregnancy Not Greater With Noninsulin vs Insulin Therapy
Compared to standard insulin treatment, noninsulin antidiabetic agents did not present an increased risk for fetal losses or major malformations when used in the first trimester of Read more
Fasting Glucose Test Often Misses Pre-Diabetes
Some people with normal fasting glucose results are still at higher risk for diabetes, and a glycated hemoglobin (HbA1c) test identified them, according to a study of participants in an Read more
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