Children who follow dietary, physical activity, sleep recommendations have fewer mental health visits
There is strong evidence linking lifestyle factors such as poor diet, sleep, and physical activity with chronic disease in children.  After adjusting for body weight and demographic Read more
Diabetes in pregnancy tied to future heart disease risk
Women with pregnancy-related diabetes are at higher risk for developing cardiovascular disease in the decade after childbirth, a research review suggests. Source: Diabetes in pregnancy tied Read more
When Should I Introduce Peanuts to My Baby?
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Pregnant women using marijuana for morning sickness: could affect the baby’s brain
Using cannabis while pregnant to ease morning sickness could damage the brain of a fetus, scientists who studied rats have warned. Source: PREGNANT WOMEN ARE USING MARIJUANA FOR MORNING Read more
A Mother’s Exposure to Pesticides During Pregnancy May Raise Children’s Autism Risk
In one of the largest studies looking at the potential effects of pesticide exposure on still-developing fetuses and newborns, scientists found that exposure to the most commonly used Read more
Can a ‘fertility diet’ really help you conceive? In some cases, yes
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Prenatal omega-3 supplement can prevent high BP in children
Daily consumption by women of 600 milligrams docosahexaenoic acid (DHA) — an omega-3 fatty acid found in prenatal vitamins, fish-oil supplements and fish — can prevent high Read more
The Best (and Worst) Foods to Eat While Breastfeeding
As a new parent, your focus will of course fall singularly on your baby. That doesn’t mean you should forget the big lesson from every pre-flight safety demo, though: You have to Read more
Sedentary lifestyle increases risk for CVD in older women
Older women who were sedentary for long periods of time throughout the day had an increased risk for CVD, according to a study published in Circulation. Source: Sedentary lifestyle Read more
Study: 90 percent of kids with sleep apnea undiagnosed
The vast majority of children with sleep apnea go untreated because they don't know they have sleep apnea, a new study Read more on UPI
Stroke in a can? Study warns of diet drinks’ health risks for women 50 and older
A new study shows women 50 and above who consume more than one diet drink a day have a higher risk for strokes and heart attacks. Source: Stroke in a can? Study warns of diet drinks’ Read more
Overweight related cancers rise fastest among American millennials, study finds
The study could be a warning that if the obesity epidemic continues, fat-sensitive cancers will explode in the years to come. Source: Obesity-related cancers rise fastest among American Read more
Prolonged Low Body Weight in Young Kids Ups Risk for Anorexia Years Later
Young children with a persistently low body mass index (BMI) may be at greater risk for developing anorexia nervosa in adolescence. Source: Prolonged Low Body Weight in Young Kids Ups Risk Read more
6 Tips for Starting Your Baby on Solid Foods 
Your baby can eat most of what the rest of the family eats, provided it’s a safe size and texture. You can make your own baby food easily! Source: 6 Tips for Starting Your Baby on Solid Read more
Gym Class Is So Bad, Kids Are Skipping School to Avoid It
Not only does P.E. do little to improve physical fitness, but it can also lead to truancy and other disciplinary problems. Source: Gym Class Is So Bad, Kids Are Skipping School to Avoid Read more
Why Older Adults Should Eat More Protein (And Not Overdo Protein Shakes)
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Raising Intuitive Eaters
The way we talk about food and our bodies can shape our kids’ views. Check out these four tips to raise kids to have a healthy relationship with food. Source: Raising Intuitive Eaters Read more
About 11 Percent of U.S. Adults Have Food Allergy
Nearly 11 percent of U.S. adults are estimated to be food-allergic, but 19 percent believe they have a food allergy, according to a study published online Jan. 4 in JAMA Network Open. Read more
Gwinnett schools look to reduce food waste
Gwinnett County Public Schools has partnered with Gwinnett Clean & Beautiful to set up “Food Waste Warriors,” using a $20,000 grant through the Keep America Beautiful/Lowe’s Read more
School Nutrition Programs May Slow Weight Gain in Teens
Preteens and teens who attend middle schools with nutrition policies and healthy-eating programs experience less of an increase in body mass index (BMI) compared to students who attend Read more