The secret to a long, happy, healthy life? Think age-positive
We’ve long been told to respect our elders. But now there is scientific evidence that respect can potentially save lives among the elderly and keep them both physically and mentally healthy. Source:The secret to a long, happy, healthy life? Think Read more
How does yo-yo dieting affect our heart health?
Switching to a healthful diet can improve cardiovascular risk factors very swiftly. However, when the diet is dropped, the improvements are quickly lost. Source: How does yo-yo dieting Read more
Resolving to Get Active? Make It Happen with a Move More Plan
This year, make a Move More Plan instead of a New Year’s resolution. Chances are you have room for activity, because fewer than one in four Americans over 18 years old meet the Read more
Aerobic exercise with weight training helps prevent type 2 diabetes
Japanese women who engaged in aerobic exercise with weight resistance training developed type 2 diabetes less often than those who exercised less frequently, according to findings from a Read more
School Nutrition Programs May Slow Weight Gain in Teens
Preteens and teens who attend middle schools with nutrition policies and healthy-eating programs experience less of an increase in body mass index (BMI) compared to students who attend schools without such programs, according to a new study led by the Yale School of Public Health. Source: School Nutrition Programs May Slow Weight Gain in Read more
Exercise may improve thinking in sedentary seniors with cognitive decline
Older adults who already have some cognitive impairment, but not dementia, may find their thinking skills improve when they start doing aerobic exercise like walking or cycling a few times a week, a small experiment suggests. Source: Exercise may improve thinking in sedentary seniors with cognitive Read more
Experts Say You’ll Actually Keep These Small-but-Powerful New Year’s Resolutions
If you’re like most Americans, you wake up on January 1 with renewed determination to reach your goals. So how can you really make it happen this year—and make the changes stick? Read more
Sleepless Night Could Make Morning Pastries Tougher to Resist
There’s a reason that glazed donut might seem even more enticing if you’re sleep-deprived: A new study suggests that even one night of lost slumber increases the desirability of Read more
Just 6 months of walking may reverse cognitive decline, study says
Worried about your aging brain? Getting your heart pumping with something as simple as walking or cycling just three times a week seems to improve thinking skills, new research says. Add a heart-healthy diet, and you maximize the benefits, possibly shaving years off your brain’s functional age, according to the study published Wednesday in the journal Neurology.... Read more Read more
Could Vitamin C Reduce Infant Harm From Smoking in Pregnancy?
Daily supplements of vitamin C might mitigate some of the harm to fetal lung development from smoking during pregnancy, according to a study. Source: Could Vitamin C Reduce Infant Harm From Read more
5 ways to avoid the modern stress epidemic
ARE you stressed? If so, you’re in good company. It’s been argued we are in the grip of a stress epidemic – one recent study suggested four out of five adults were stressed during a typical week, while almost one in 10 were stressed all the time. Source: How to beat the stress Read more
Bad Diet May Impair Female Fertility
Diet prior to conception correlated with time to achieving conception in a large, multinational, retrospective study. Source: Bad Diet May Impair Female Read more
Counting Calories is a Ridiculous Way to Try to Lose Weight
The calorie theory of obesity has been perhaps one of the greatest failures in the history of medicine. Given the number of excess deaths caused by metabolic syndrome, you could argue that it is a bigger disaster than World War II. It is based on a complete misinterpretation of the energy balance equation. Source: Counting... Read more Read more
Why Does Hair Turn Gray? Scientists May Have Found a New Answer
A new study has shed light on the role our immune system could play in our hair turning gray when we deal with stress or illness. Source:Why Does Hair Turn Gray? Scientists May Have Found a New Read more
Want to increase fertility? Try dropping fast food
A healthy diet is just as important before pregnancy as during it. Women who eat more fast food and those who eat very little fruit take longer to get pregnant than women who include several portions of fruit in their daily diets, according to a study published Friday in the journal Human Reproduction. Source:Want to... Read more Read more
“Stop telling us to take Ginger for Hyperemesis Gravidarum”
Ginger as an antiemetic is common knowledge. Women are told repeatedly by almost everyone in their lives to try ginger – only 3 women had not been told. Most women (60%) were told more than 20 times. 439 (88%) of respondents had tried ginger. Many different categories of person advised them to try ginger. Source:“Stop... Read more Read more
Early Antibiotic Use May Be Tied to Higher Childhood Body Weight
Antibiotics before age 2 associated with very small increase in body weight at 5 years of age Source: Early Antibiotic Use May Be Tied to Higher Childhood Body Read more
Early Puberty Mystery Linked to Family Exposure to Household Chemicals
A long-running study on mothers and children published in “Human Reproduction” determined that the onset of female puberty is associated with exposure to chemicals like Read more
Winter Activity: Boost Your Fitness Without Leaving Home
Being physically active is a key recommendation for cancer prevention and for boosting overall health. The good news is that whatever your fitness or activity level, AICR is to help you give you tips to do a little more. Source: Winter Activity: Boost Your Fitness Without Leaving Read more