Can Medical Marijuana Help Your Celiac Disease?
Learn whether marijuana is gluten-free, and whether it can help you combat symptoms of celiac disease, such as abdominal pain and nausea. Source: Can Medical Marijuana Help Your Celiac Read more
SIBO and Bloating
If you regularly feel bloated after eating, functional medicine practitioner and women’s health expert Amy Myers, M.D. says it could be caused by SIBO—small intestinal bacterial overgrowth, i.e. an excess of (good) bacteria in the small intestine. (It goes without saying that there are other causes of bloating, from the benign, like a junk food... Read more Read more
Eating for Two Trillion: Dietary Intake Shapes Our Resident Gut Microbes – YouTube
When the bacteria in your digestive tract outnumber your human cells, you need to feed them right.  This video from UCTV takes a deep dive into how to accomplish it.  Here’s Watch on YouTube
Monash University FODMAPS App
This  video is about Monash University’s development of the FODMAP diet and their App, which is the most up to date resource on the changing and often conflicting food data regarding the FODMAPS content of various foods.     Watch on YouTube
The University of Michigan has produced these excellent videos to educate IBS suferers on the FODMAPS Diet.  Share NutriScape.NET  on social media to reveal the shortcut to some of the clearest video explanations you will ever find.  Might just change your life!               What Are FODMAPs   Following a... Read more Read more
Bowel Movement Classic App
Here’s a review of the BM Classic App. The app is useful for tracking bowel habits and stress, etc. for digestive Link to article
FODMAPS Starter Helps from Kate Scarlatta, RDN
Kate Scarlatta, RDN has put together some materials in her online shop to help clients get started with Visit Kate Scarlatta's Shop
Up To Date FODMAP Data
 Many sources of information on FODMAP content are out of date.  The Monash App is has the most up to date information on fodmap content of foods as the research becomes Get the FODMAPs App
FODMAPS foods allowed
If you’re looking for a Great Fodmaps Foods Allowed List, here it is by Kate Scarlatta, Get the Fodmaps Foods Allowed List
About Gut Bacteria and Irritable Bowel Syndrome
  Many recent findings add to a growing body of evidence to suggest that IBS may result, at least in part, from a dysfunctional interaction between our gut flora and ourselves.”   Original Article: Gut Bacteria and Read more