Summer Camp with Food Allergies
Kids With Food Allergies (KFA), a division of the Asthma and Allergy Foundation of America, hosted a free educational webinar on March 10, 2015. Source:Summer Camp with Food Read more
Food Allergy Testing
Dr. David Stukus explains the different food allergy tests and what they mean. He reviews blood allergy tests, skin allergy tests, controversial tests, false positives and much more. This was a free webinar hosted by Kids With Food Allergies to bring expert information to families to help them manage food allergies. Source:Food Allergy Read more
Food Allergy Baking without Milk, Eggs, Soy, Wheat, Gluten and Nuts
Free webinar presented by Kids With Food Allergies Foundation with guest speaker Colette Martin, author of the cookbook, Learning to Bake Allergen-Free. Topics include replacements for milk, eggs, soy, wheat and gluten and recommendations on how to get the best results for baking. Source:Food Allergy Baking without Milk, Eggs, Soy, Wheat, Gluten and Read more
Flying with Food Allergies : Medical and Legal Concerns
Free webinar featuring guest speakers Laurel Francoeur, JD, and Matthew Greenhawt, MD, MSc. The presentation covers legal restrictions, disability issues, TSA regulations, peanut dust and inhalation studies, and how to prevent allergic reactions on airplanes. Source:Flying with Food Allergies : Medical and Legal Read more
Your Questions About Section 504 Plans for Food Allergy
Attorney Laurel Francoeur answers questions from parents about Section 504 Plans for school accommodations of food allergy disability. Presented by Kids With Food Allergies, a division of Read more
A Common Food Additive Is Linked to Insulin Resistance. Here’s What That Means
A common food additive called propionate could alter metabolism in ways that could increase the risk of diabetes, a preliminary study suggests. Source: A Common Food Additive Is Linked to Insulin Resistance. Here’s What That Read more
No ‘One-Size-Fits-All’ Diet for people with Diabetes, Expert Panel Says
There is no one right diet for people with diabetes, and patients should instead have personalized nutrition plans, a new American Diabetes Association (ADA) report says. Source: No Read more
Insulin Resistance: Do We Have It Backwards?
Historically, both diabetes prevention and diabetes treatment have been rooted in the notion that weight gain leads to insulin resistance, perpetuating a medical model for diabetes grounded Read more
5 Minute Breathing Technique May Benefit The Brain & Heart
Inspiratory Muscle Strength Training has been shown in preliminary research to boost cognitive and physical performance as well as cardiovascular health. Source: 5 Minute Breathing Read more
Smoking With Diabetes: A Double Whammy
While cigarette labels warn people about how smoking can cause cancer, researchers believe there are also consequences for diabetic patients. Source: Smoking With Diabetes: A Double Read more
Lifestyle Changes for Heart Attack Prevention
The American Heart Association offers these lifestyle changes to prevent heart attack including quitting smoking, good nutrition, reducing cholesterol, lowering blood pressure, being Read more
Lactose Intolerance: Common Misunderstandings
There is ongoing confusion between lactose intolerance (LI) and cow’s milk allergy (CMA) which may lead to misdiagnosis and inappropriate dietary management. The treatment of LI involves Read more
Study finds diabetes drug may prevent, slow kidney disease
A drug that’s used to help control blood sugar in people with diabetes has now been shown to help prevent or slow kidney disease, which causes millions of deaths each year and requires Read more
Newborn’s ‘Microbiome’ Could Give Clues to Weight Later
A newborn’s first stool holds telltale clues about his risk for becoming an overweight 3-year-old, according to a European study. Source: Newborn’s ‘Microbiome’ Read more
Study: Sugar-added labels could prevent 600,000 diabetes cases
Offering consumers more information about added sugar in food products could reduce the number of heart disease and diabetes diagnoses by hundreds of thousands, a new study says. Source: Read more
Omega-6 fatty acids may help prevent heart disease 
The higher the linoleic acid level in the body, the lower the risk of cardiovascular diseases, according to new study analysing nearly 70,000 people in 13 different countries. Linoleic acid Read more
Gestational Diabetes Tied to Youth-Onset Diabetes
Gestational diabetes was associated with higher risk among offspring for diabetes in childhood and adolescence, researchers in Canada reported. Source: Gestational Diabetes Tied to Read more
A Genetic Risk Score Tries to Predict Whether a Child Will Become Highly Over Weight
A still-controversial test could be administered to toddlers to gauge their likelihood of becoming overweight. Source: A Genetic Risk Score Tries to Predict Whether a Child Will Become Read more
Veggies, Fruits and Grains Keep Your Heart Pumping
As if you needed any more proof that fruits, vegetables and whole grains are good for you, a new study finds they may cut your chances of heart failure by 41%. Source: Veggies, Fruits and Read more