Report: Sugar-laden drink consumption on the rise among California kids
Nearly one in three California kids drink at least one sugar-laden drink daily even though doing so increases their risk of obesity, tooth decay and a host of other health problems from Read more
The Body Slowed by Sugar
English professor and runner Brian Oliu recounts eating a dozen donuts during a two-mile run Source: The Body Slowed by Read more
Broccoli could offer people with diabetes and obesity a drug-free way to slash blood sugar levels
Love it or hate it, Swedish scientists have another reason for you to finish your broccoli: sulforaphane, an antioxidant found in the vegetable, could be Nature’s secret weapon against Type 2 diabetes, offering obese patients a way to slash their blood glucose levels and fight the disease. ​​ Source: Broccoli compound could offer obese diabetics... Read more Read more
Britain’s sugar tax on soft drinks comes into effect
Britain’s sugar tax on soft drinks came into effect on Friday, a move that will lead to some higher prices as the country seeks to battle childhood obesity. Source: Read more
Experts are Undecided on Artificial Sweeteners, Potential Harmful Effects Still Under Debate
While experts haven't found strongly conclusive evidence that artificial sweeteners are hurting us, there are a few bothersome pieces of evidence suggesting these sweeteners might have long Read more
Food Labels: What They Tell You, How to Read Them
Looking at a food label for the first time such an overwhelming experience, even if you know something about nutrition. Grams, percent of daily value… it’s enough to make anyone Read more
A Low Carb Diet Might Pose an Increased Morality Risk
A study by The Lancet of Health suggests that a low carb diet, commonly seen as healthy, might pose an increased morality Read more
The University of Michigan has produced these excellent videos to educate IBS suferers on the FODMAPS Diet.  Share NutriScape.NET  on social media to reveal the shortcut to some of the clearest video explanations you will ever find.  Might just change your life!               What Are FODMAPs   Following a... Read more Read more