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Spending Medical Visit Time Explaining Diets?

Send Patients to NutriScape.NET Instead

Patients Need A Trusted Web Resource

NutriScape.NET is the one web address where patients can find detailed unambiguous medical nutrition resources backed by a community of 90,000 Registered Dietitian-Nutritionists providing resources and professional oversight.

A Full Range of Nutrition Articles, Books, Recipes, Services and Products

Whether a patient needs to find articles or books on a particular nutrition topic, recipes and cooking information, or to find an online dietitian specializing in their nutrition related medical condition, your patient will find it on NutriScape.NET.

Patients Need the Help Dietitians Can Provide

Often, patients are fearful and confused about their new diagnosis. They listen to the medical provider’s explanations and nod their head, but don’t want to share their concerns. Too often, patients end up trying to learn medical diet strategies from their family and friends who pass on myths and misinformation.

Nationwide Referral Network for Licensed Dietitian Nutritionists

Dietitians are available here so that your patients never need to experience that sense of confusion and anxiety. Providers can easily send nutrition referrals to our nationwide network of Licensed Registered Dietitian Nutritionists.

Our TeleHealth site helps your patient connect with a specialist Registered Dietitian-Nutritionist licensed in their state. These visits are often covered by the patient’s private health insurance or medicare.

How To Refer Your Patients For Nutrition Counseling

Click on the “Referral Form” button for detailed referral instructions and to download and print a referral form.