Controlling Type 2 Diabetes Early Reduces the Risk of Complications Later In Life by 20%

This article is based on an article by Benedict Jephcote was published in discussing early control of Type 2 Diabetes.

Summary of Findings

A thirteen year study by the Diabetes Care Journal  shows how getting diabetes under control early can have very lasting effects.  The study included patients with Type 2 Diabetes showing that those who got early control of it experienced 20% less complications later in life compared to those who didn’t.  Another important thing to consider is that people with Type 2 diabetes can generally achieve very good control with lifestyle changes and low cost medication.

How to get control of Type 2 Diabetes?

When you are first diagnosed with diabetes, it can be a like a bomb going off in your life.  Your doctor may have 3 new medicines for you to take for the rest of your life and in-laws, neighbors, and well meaning friends have dozens of pieces of food advice that may or may not be right for you.  It’s important to consider that American Diabetes Association has estimated the average cost of a diagnosis of diabetes to be $9601 per year ON TOP of your other health care costs.  Much of those costs are related to the complications of poorly controlled diabetes.

What Are Type 2 Diabetes Complications?

The possible conditions that are caused by Type 2 Diabetes range from strokes, kidney disease, heart disease, amputations, among others. Yikes. Even so, don’t panic, because complications are largely a result of NOT controlling diabetes. There are many easily achievable things you can do to help reign in diabetes and dramatically reduce the chances of these things coming up later in life.

Above all, the most important thing to do is if you haven’t looked into managing your diabetes yet, do it soon. The sooner you do, the sooner you start reducing your risk of diabetes complications, and the sooner you can start becoming healthier and happier.

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