How to Plan Meals for Gestational Diabetes

When you are diagnosed with “Gestational Diabetes” and your doctor just tells you to eat healthy and cut back on carbs and sugar, that can leave you with lots of questions and a lot of fear.  Nutritionist/Dietitians are available to work with you individually to help you interpret food, activity, and blood sugar relationships to find the very best options for you.  You can search for a local professional here.

In the meantime, NutriScape.NET knows are looking for immediate and specific meal planning guidelines written to help you achieve the maximum level of blood glucose control possible. This 2 page handout gives you solid guidelines that put you in control so that you know how to keep your baby healthy.

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About the Author

Stephanie Figon, MS, RDN, LD

Founder of NutriScape.NET. As a dietitian since 1992, Steph Figon has had experiences in consulting, 15 years in clinical, and has operated a private practice nutrition counseling office for since 2011. Connect on Linkedin