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What’s The BEST Choice for DNA Testing: Whole Genome Sequencing From This Company

Best Choice for Whole Genome DNA Tests

What’s the best choice for whole genome DNA tests? There is a single definite answer to that question!

Would You Rather Get 100% or 0.2% of Your DNA Data?

Most companies like Ancestry and 23andMe are set up to test only about 0.2% of your genome. Why not sequence 100 percent of your DNA? Choose Nebula Genomics DNA Testing and your DNA data will always be ready for you to reference as researchers make new genetic discoveries.


The second advantage of using the Nebula Genomics Company is its privacy technology. Nebula Genomics uses ultra-secure blockchain technology that separates your DNA data from all of your identifying information. Most other companies store your DNA data in traditional file formats that can easily be hacked.


NIH estimates the cost for generating the initial ‘draft’ human genome sequence is ~$300 million worldwide, of which NIH provided roughly 50-60%. Prices have dropped since then.

Nebula’s Pricing

Nebula’s Basic level scans your whole genome once for a price of $99. The Deep Level Whole Genome Sequencing from Nebula Genomics is priced at only $299 for the deep level analysis. This analysis scans your DNA, just once, but 30 times, so that you can be sure the results are right. And if you have the cash to spare, you can go for the Ultra Deep level scan, which scans your whole genome a hundred times!

We checked the competition. Nebula offers by far the lowest cost in the industry among companies offering whole genome sequencing. There is also a subscription to the database, which is currently priced at $25 per month based on a quarterly subscription.

You will be able to download your DNA data. If your Nebula Subscription lapses, you will be able to re-subscribe at any time to re-analyze your results and take advantage of new discoveries in future years.

Turnaround Time

Crunching all that DNA data takes time even with Nebula’s high throughput technology. You should expect results in about 12 weeks.

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