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What Is The NutriScape Project?

The NutriScape Project is a nationwide collaboration among registered dietitian nutritionists. We’re on a mission to make it easy for you to access practical nutrition answers as they relate to health problems as well as health optimization.

Our Mission

The NutriScape Project’s mission is to publish an absolutely comprehensive nutrition site with articles and resources created by Registered Dietitians. Your help will allow The NutriScape Project to continue to publish the kinds of nutrition resources you are looking for. Courses, recipes, downloadable food guides–anything you need–it will all be published here, and you’ll even be able to connect with an awesome online Registered Dietitian licensed in your state who specializes in just the kind of nutrition questions you are dealing with!

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Buy on Amazon

Every time you purchase items from Amazon through links on the NutriScape shop or use the affiliate link, The NutriScape Project receives a small commission on any purchase made within 24 hours. Yes! Without paying extra, you can buy almost anything on Amazon, and they’ll pass on a percentage to NutriScape!

Access Professional-Grade Supplements through Fullscript 

Want to find dietitian-recommended supplements based on the best evidence? Want quick access to a simple list of the most appropriate supplements for any given health concern? We’ve got you covered!

Fullscript is a professional-grade supplement formulary originally designed for healthcare practitioners. They carry only the most respected professional product lines and continuously monitor for recalls. The secure supply chain assures that no counterfeits or drug-contaminated products get through. You will only get the freshest, top-quality supplements from companies that never source from China. In the unregulated supplement industry, using Fullscript is your best guarantee that what’s on the label is what’s in the bottle. When your health is on the line, the extra security is worth it.

When you purchase supplements from NutriScape’s Fullscript Shop, you get an awesome 20% off retail and Nutriscape.NET also receives a commission on each sale.

Order Labs Online 

When you need nutrition-related labs, but requesting a medical appointment or physician order for a lab doesn’t make sense, there’s another way! Download and save a list of nutrition-related labs ( complete with pricing, request your labs online, and get them done at your local lab. Super easy, and available in every state except NY, NJ, and NH.

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The NutriScape Project is on a mission to improve health by connecting readers with the whole-foods wisdom and Medical Nutrition Therapy knowledge of registered dietitian nutritionists. Thank you for supporting The NutriScape Project!