Lilly selling half-price version of popular Humalog insulin
A half-price version of Eli Lilly’s popular Humalog insulin is now available, following the company’s promise in March to offer diabetics a more affordable option amid fierce criticism Read more
Lifestyle intervention leads to reduced medication in new type 2 diabetes study
A Dutch lifestyle intervention has helped people with type 2 diabetes reduce their medication doses over a six-month period. Source: Lifestyle intervention leads to reduced Read more
Why Food Could Be the Best Medicine of All
Can changing your diet combat chronic diseases like diabetes? Source: Why Food Could Be the Best Medicine of Read more
Patient Hurt by Do-It-Yourself Artificial Pancreas Prompts FDA Warning
The U.S. Food and Drug Administration warned diabetics against building their own artificial pancreas system to help control blood sugar levels after a patient using one suffered an Read more
Folic acid supplements show potential as ‘novel’ protective measure for gestational diabetes
Women who take at least 400 µg per day of folic acid supplements before they become pregnant may be at lower risk for the development of gestational diabetes, according to findings Read more
To control blood sugar, set strict meal times
A small study has found that men who are at risk of diabetes could benefit from following a time-restricted diet, which can improve blood sugar control. Source: To control blood sugar, set Read more
The 500 Insulin Rule (aka 450 Rule)
The 500 Rule (aka 450 Rule) is a great way to estimate how many grams of carbohydrate will be covered by one unit of Humalog or Novolog insulin. Source: The 500 Rule (aka 450 Read more
A third of type 1 diabetes is misdiagnosed in the over 30s
A new study shows that 38 percent of patients with type 1 diabetes occurring after age 30 were initially treated as type 2 diabetes (without insulin). Researchers found that half of those Read more
Insulin Patch
Insulin patches are currently an experimental form of insulin delivery that are at an early stage of research. Source: Insulin Read more
Risk for Cancer Increased in Men, Women With Type 2 Diabetes
 Men and women with type 2 diabetes (T2D) have an increased risk for overall cancer and some site-specific cancers, according to a study published online May 9 in the Journal of Diabetes. Read more
Type 2 diabetes report strikes back at attempts to protect sugary lifestyles
Leading health experts have released an eight-point plan to help combat rising rates of metabolic conditions such as type 2 diabetes. Three of the world’s top cardiologists have come Read more
A short primer on how to Lose Weight — What to Eat and When to Eat
Here’s a startling truth. I can make you fat. Actually, I can make anybody fat. How? I simply prescribe insulin injections. Giving people extra insulin leads inevitably to weight gain. In Read more
Mixed health benefits associated with midday napping in those with type 2 diabetes
Napping in the day may have mixed health benefits in people with type 2 diabetes, researchers have said. A complex relationship exists between sleep and diabetes, so Japanese researchers Read more
Blood test may predict who is most at risk for diabetes
Adding a test normally used for diabetes monitoring to employee wellness exams could identify people who don’t have the disease but are at high risk of developing it, a recent study Read more
Deep brain stimulation may offer treatment for type 2 diabetes, study suggests
A surprising — but welcome — side effect of a therapy for obsessive-compulsive disorder may pave the way for a new approach to treating type 2 diabetes. Source: Deep brain stimulation Read more
Issues Related to Shift Work in People with Diabetes 
Extensive literature show that shift work increase insulin resistance, the risk of Type 2 diabetes, and related metabolic abnormalities. Get advice on management related to shift work in Read more
Poor sleep may fuel harmful eating habits and diabetes
Sleep deprivation can make you crave more junk food, warns a new study. And, giving in to these poor eating habits may contribute to the risk of diabetes. Source: Poor sleep may fuel Read more
Is the Ketogenic Diet Safe for People With Diabetes?
Ketogenic diet is a very low-carbohydrate, high-fat eating plan that may aid in weight loss and blood sugar control. Find out if it is right for you. Source: Is the Ketogenic Diet Safe for Read more
A Common Food Additive Is Linked to Insulin Resistance. Here’s What That Means
A common food additive called propionate could alter metabolism in ways that could increase the risk of diabetes, a preliminary study suggests. Source: A Common Food Additive Is Linked to Read more
No ‘One-Size-Fits-All’ Diet for people with Diabetes, Expert Panel Says
There is no one right diet for people with diabetes, and patients should instead have personalized nutrition plans, a new American Diabetes Association (ADA) report says. Source: No Read more
Insulin Resistance: Do We Have It Backwards?
Historically, both diabetes prevention and diabetes treatment have been rooted in the notion that weight gain leads to insulin resistance, perpetuating a medical model for diabetes grounded Read more
Smoking With Diabetes: A Double Whammy
While cigarette labels warn people about how smoking can cause cancer, researchers believe there are also consequences for diabetic patients. Source: Smoking With Diabetes: A Double Read more
Study finds diabetes drug may prevent, slow kidney disease
A drug that’s used to help control blood sugar in people with diabetes has now been shown to help prevent or slow kidney disease, which causes millions of deaths each year and requires Read more
Study: Sugar-added labels could prevent 600,000 diabetes cases
Offering consumers more information about added sugar in food products could reduce the number of heart disease and diabetes diagnoses by hundreds of thousands, a new study says. Source: Read more
Gestational Diabetes Tied to Youth-Onset Diabetes
Gestational diabetes was associated with higher risk among offspring for diabetes in childhood and adolescence, researchers in Canada reported. Source: Gestational Diabetes Tied to Read more
Diabetes Drug Metformin May Help Reverse Serious Heart Condition
Researchers say the commonly prescribed diabetes drug helps lower blood pressure, a key factor in reversing symptoms caused by left ventricular hypertrophy. Source: Diabetes Drug Metformin Read more
How to Choose The Best Health Insurance Plan for People with Type 1 Diabetes: Key Questions to Ask
Living with type 1 diabetes (T1D) means that having health insurance, and understanding how it works for you, is critical. Whether you are newly diagnosed, moving off your parents’ Read more
Diabetes in pregnancy tied to future heart disease risk
Women with pregnancy-related diabetes are at higher risk for developing cardiovascular disease in the decade after childbirth, a research review suggests. Source: Diabetes in pregnancy tied Read more
San Gabriel Patients Pay More for Diabetes Treatment, Study Shows
A new report form the House of Representatives suggests that patients with diabetes in the San Gabriel Valley are paying up to 23 times more for drugs to treat their disease than in other Read more
Diabetes creates ‘hidden tax’ for US residents
The average annual cost of diabetes for the entire U.S. population rose 13% between 2012 and 2017, according to findings presented in Diabetes Care. Source: Diabetes creates ‘hidden Read more
How Much Difference Will Eli Lilly’s Half-Price Insulin Make?
The Indianapolis-based drugmaker said Monday that it would offer a generic version of Humalog insulin, one of its best-selling medicines. The move could help blunt criticism about high Read more
Reduce your A1C levels: Lifestyle, diet, and nutrition
The A1C blood test measures how well the body maintains blood glucose levels by giving an average result for 2–3 months. When A1C levels fall, this means there is less glucose in the Read more
Individualized Diet Best for Blood Glucose? 
Different people’s blood glucose levels can react differently to the same foods, in ways that researchers may be able to predict. Source: Individualized Diet Best for Blood Glucose? Read more
Lowering Insulin Costs
Are expensive items better? When it comes to insulin, it doesn’t seem so, according to a new study. Learn more about lowering the cost of insulin. Source: Lowering Insulin Costs – Read more
Microchip could identify type 1 diabetes faster than current diagnostic methods
A new method of identifying warning signs of type 1 diabetes earlier may pave the way for methods that might prevent the condition from developing. US scientists from Stanford and the Read more
Vitamin C linked to reduced glucose levels in type 2 diabetes
Vitamin C supplementation is associated with improved blood glucose levels in people with type 2 diabetes, research suggests. A small Australian study, published in the journal Diabetes, Read more
A High-Tech Pill to End Drug Injections
Engineers have developed a tiny robotic capsule that injects insulin once it lands in the stomach. Source: A High-Tech Pill to End Drug Injections (This address is accessible through Read more
Digital Diabetes Prevention Program
Join live online classes with world class registered dietitians and use a Fitbit, wireless scale, and our mobile app to improve your health and lose weight. Source: Digital Diabetes Read more
Soluble fiber may improve control over diabetes
People with diabetes who take soluble fiber supplements have slightly lower blood sugar than diabetics who don’t add this type of fiber to their diets, a research review finds. Read more
Diabetes Diet Center
Learn about diabetes diets with articles, meal plans and recipes from EatingWell’s food and nutrition experts. Source: Diabetes Diet Read more
Long Work Hours Tied to Poor Glycemic Control in Type 2 Diabetes
Long work hours (≥60 hours/week) are associated with poor glycemic control in young Japanese men with type 2 diabetes, according to a study published in the January issue of the Journal Read more
Skip breakfast? Science says that may increase your Type 2 diabetes risk
Time and time again we’re told breakfast is the most important meal of the day. Is it true? New research suggests skipping breakfast can increase your risk for Type 2 diabetes. Source: Read more
Eating an egg a day may keep diabetes away
Eating an egg daily can have a beneficial effect on the blood metabolite profile that is related to a lower risk of Type-2 diabetes, a new study shows. Source: Eating an egg a day may keep Read more
Study links green tea with increased risk of type 2 diabetes
A recent international study found that drinking green tea was associated with an increased risk of type 2 diabetes in Chinese adults. Source:Study links green tea with increased risk of Read more
Diabetes: How optimism may influence your risk
New research suggests that optimism may lower the risk of type 2 diabetes among postmenopausal women. Conversely, negative emotions may heighten risk. Source: Diabetes: How optimism may Read more
Eating Before Bedtime Won’t Send Blood Sugar Levels Soaring
Avoiding food before bedtime probably won’t help your blood sugar levels and health, a new study suggests. Source: Eating Before Bedtime Won’t Send Blood Sugar Levels Read more
U.S. insulin costs per patient nearly doubled from 2012 to 2016 -study
The cost of insulin for treating type 1 diabetes in the United States nearly doubled over a five-year period, underscoring a national outcry over rising drug prices, according to a new Read more
This federal worker with diabetes rationed her insulin during the shutdown because debt was scarier than dying
A furloughed federal worker who is diabetic said she resorted to rationing her insulin medication because “the thought of having more debt was scarier than the thought of dying” Read more
A Community of People Touched by Diabetes Source: Read more
Emotional Benefit for Involving Partner in Diabetes Intervention
Couples who participated in a diabetes intervention together had less distress than those who went at it alone, researchers said. Source: Emotional Benefit for Involving Partner in Diabetes Read more
Outsmart Your Diabetes
For more than a decade I’ve been helping people like you outsmart diabetes.I can give you the support, guidance, and the education you need to stop focusing on dieting because when you Read more
Aerobic exercise with weight training helps prevent type 2 diabetes
Japanese women who engaged in aerobic exercise with weight resistance training developed type 2 diabetes less often than those who exercised less frequently, according to findings from a Read more
Reading Accuracy with Continuous Blood Glucose Monitoring Device | Eversense CGM
Learn more about the Eversense CGM System, a long-term continuous blood glucose monitoring device for people who want to actively manage their diabetes. Source: Reading Accuracy with Read more
Alton mother hid girl’s diabetes diagnosis from family and doctors until it was too late, police say
14-year-old Emily Hampshire died in November. Her mother is charged with involuntary manslaughter. Source: Alton mother hid girl’s diabetes diagnosis from family and doctors until it Read more
Type 2 diabetes: Gut bacteria may influence drug effectiveness
A new review of existing research examines the effect of the gut bacteria composition on the effectiveness of type 2 diabetes medications. Source: Type 2 diabetes: Gut bacteria may Read more
Home – Know Diabetes by Heart
Living with type 2 diabetes puts you at higher risk for heart disease and stroke. Knowing what steps to take may reduce your risk. The American Heart Association and the American Diabetes Read more
Fasting before blood test could be harmful for patients with diabetes
Researchers recruited 525 patients with diabetes and found that fasting-evoked en route hypoglycemia events were more likely to happen among those who fasted before a blood cholesterol test Read more
Improvements made to type 2 diabetes remission tool used in weight loss surgery
Scientists believe they have improved a tool used to predict how someone will react to weight loss surgery and the probability of putting their type 2 diabetes into remission. At the moment Read more
Majority of patients with Type 2 Diabetes may use test strips inappropriately
More than half of patients with type 2 diabetes being managed with treatments other than insulin who filled three or more claims for test strips may have used those supplies Read more
Use of Smart Technology for Diabetes Management
By Vidya Sharma, MA, RD, LD, CDEDiabetes management can be complicated and often requires a multidisciplinary approach to help maintain optimal blood glucose control. Lifestyle Read more
Vitamin D deficiency linked to greater risk of diabetes
An epidemiological study conducted by researchers at University of California San Diego School of Medicine and Seoul National University suggests that persons deficient in vitamin D may be Read more
Fresh Food Program Makes a Difference in  Type 2 Diabetes
Giving patients with type 2 diabetes access to healthy food at no charge can result in large improvements in their disease and overall quality of life, Allison Hess said here. Source: Fresh Read more
Are Patients with Type 2 Diabetes Monitoring Blood Glucose Needlessly?
Many people with type 2 diabetes may be overusing self-monitoring blood glucose supplies, according to a new study. Source: Are T2D Patients Monitoring Blood Glucose Read more
How To Lower Your A1C Levels – Diabetes Self-Management
What if a healthy eating plan and exercise aren’t enough? Learn more about how to lower your A1C levels from certified diabetes educator Amy Campbell. Source: How To Lower Your A1C Levels Read more
Diabetes: Fasting before a blood test might actually be harmful
Is it actually a good idea for people with diabetes to fast before having a blood cholesterol test? A new study suggests this may do more harm than good. Source: Diabetes: Fasting before a Read more
Increasing Incidence of Diabetes After Immune Checkpoint Inhibitor Therapy – Endocrinology Advisor
Reports of immune checkpoint inhibitors causing immune-related adverse events such as insulin-dependent diabetes are on the rise, according to a case series published in Diabetes Care. Read more
Metformin Shown to Decrease Age-Related Macular Degeneration Risk in Patients with Diabetes
In a new study conducted in Taiwan, investigators found that use of metformin to treat diabetes also reduced the risk of AMD development over a 13-year period. Source: Metformin Shown to Read more
Type 2 Diabetes an Independent Risk Factor for Coronary Artery Disease
Type 2 diabetes is an independent risk factor for sudden cardiac arrest and death in patients with coronary artery disease with preserved ejection fraction. Source: Type 2 Diabetes an Read more
Promoting Health After Gestational Diabetes
Gestational diabetes is a type of diabetes that occurs during pregnancy. Mother can reduce their risk for developing Type 2 diabetes with these tips. Source: Promoting Health After Read more
The six steps to insulin safety
An essential module for all those prescribing, managing or administering insulin, with the overall aim of reducing insulin errors in clinical practice. Source:The six steps to insulin Read more
Why Some People with Diabetes Taking Metformin Need More Vitamin B12
Researchers say metformin could be reducing vitamin B12 levels in people with diabetes. Source: Diabetes, Vitamin B12 and Read more
Pops Diabetes wins FDA clearance for blood glucose monitoring system
Pops Diabetes Care said this week that the FDA cleared its Pops! one blood glucose monitoring system. The Minneapolis-based company’s device can be attached directly to the back of a Read more
You May Be Prediabetic and Don’t Know It, CDC Warns
More than one-third of Americans have prediabetes, but 90 percent of them don’t know they have it, medical experts say. Source: You May Be Prediabetic and Don’t Know It, CDC Read more
Diabetes Self-Care Courses Can Come With Sticker Shock
Hospitals lure diabetes patients with self-management classes, but the education can come with a high price Read more
Risk for Fetal Loss Early in Pregnancy Not Greater With Noninsulin vs Insulin Therapy
Compared to standard insulin treatment, noninsulin antidiabetic agents did not present an increased risk for fetal losses or major malformations when used in the first trimester of Read more
Fasting Glucose Test Often Misses Pre-Diabetes
Some people with normal fasting glucose results are still at higher risk for diabetes, and a glycated hemoglobin (HbA1c) test identified them, according to a study of participants in an Read more
Compare Blood Glucose Meters on the Market
With all the blood glucose meters on the market, it can be confusing to narrow your purchase down to one. Compare prices, features, and more with our comprehensive list. Source: Compare Meters on the Read more
Study: Artificial Sweeteners Linked to Diabetes and Obesity
A new study presented Sunday at the 2018 Experimental Biology meeting examined the biochemical effects of artificial sweeteners in rats and cell cultures. Researchers fed one group of rats Read more
Class of type 2 diabetes drugs doesn’t cut death risk compared to placebo
Comparing three classes of type 2 diabetes drugs, researchers found one class, which includes Onglyza and Januvia, did not reduce death risk. Source: Class of type 2 diabetes drugs Read more
Gene Affects How Some Women Store Fat – And Ups Their Diabetes Risk
Cruelly, the gene is sex specific: Men with the same variation of the fat-distribution gene have a much less heightened diabetes Read more
Obesity Risk in Infants Born to Women With Diabetes – Endocrinology Advisor
Parents and healthcare workers should carefully consider the risk for obesity in infants born to women with diabetes, especially infants born large for gestational age, and should initiate Read more
Glucose-monitoring patch could mean no more finger-pricking for people with diabetes
​For millions of people with diabetes, performing finger-prick blood tests to monitor blood glucose levels is an unpleasant part of daily life. If a new glucose-monitoring adhesive skin Read more
Fitbit’s Ionic to offer glucose monitoring for people with diabetes
Launched late last month, Fitbit’s Ionic is the company’s attempt at claiming some territory from smartwatch heavyweights like Apple and Garmin. Now the feature-packed wearable Read more
Broccoli could offer people with diabetes and obesity a drug-free way to slash blood sugar levels
Love it or hate it, Swedish scientists have another reason for you to finish your broccoli: sulforaphane, an antioxidant found in the vegetable, could be Nature’s secret weapon against Read more
Thriving as a Vegetarian with Diabetes
Living with diabetes is no simple thing. And figuring out what you can safely eat to keep your blood sugars within safe ranges – not too high, not too low – can be quite the learning Read more
3 Things People with Type 2 Diabetes Need To Know Before Starting The Keto Diet
Whether you’ve been struggling with type-2 diabetes for years or are a pre-diabetic individual who needs to make some changes, the Keto Diet could be the diet you’ve been Read more
Big Breakfast Beats Traditional 6-Meal Diabetes Diet
For poorly controlled type 2 diabetes, eating a big breakfast and lunch is enough to lessen need for insulin, promotes weight loss, and reduces hunger when compared to traditional 6 meal a Read more
Study: City areas with healthy eating, exercise options help control diabetes
Diabetics better control their disease if they live in a city’s area with options for healthier eating and physical activity, according to a study in New York. Source: Study: City Read more
7 Ways to Cope with Diabetes Burnout
Do you suffer from diabetes burnout? Do you wish you could just take a break from diabetes? Here are 7 non-destructive ways to deal with diabetes burnout.. Source: 7 Ways to Cope with Read more
Here’s Why You Shouldn’t Brush Your Teeth Right After A Bout Of Morning Sickness
What’s the first thing you do after a bout of morning sickness? Brush your teeth, right? Actually, according to dental health experts, that way lies disaster. Source: Here’s Why Read more
How to Find Experienced Mental Health Care Providers for People with Diabetes
A new online directory locates professionals who are trained to work with the specific mental health needs of people with diabetes Source: How to Find Experienced Mental Health Care Read more
Two Pills for Type 1 Diabetes Under US and European Review
Farxiga and Sotagliflozin are the first pills to seek approval as add-ons to insulin for type 1; both bring strong time-in-range benefits, and if approved, might launch in 2019 Source: Two Read more
Eating fiber helps your gut bacteria fight diabetes
Consuming fiber promotes the growth of certain strains of gut bacteria. In turn, these bacteria reduce the symptoms of diabetes and promote weight loss. Source: Eating fiber helps your gut Read more
Vegan Diets a ‘One-Stop Shop’ for Diabetes Care?
Explaining benefits, providing structure helps patients change their lifestyles. Source: Vegan Diets a ‘One-Stop Shop’ for Diabetes Read more
Total Estimated Cost of Diagnosed Diabetes $327 Billion in 2017
Care for people with diagnosed diabetes accounts for 1 in 4 health care dollars in the U.S. Source: Total Estimated Cost of Diagnosed Diabetes $327 Billion in Read more
Pregnant Kidney Stone Formers Have Higher Risk of Gestational Diabetes
Pregnant women with vs without a history of nephrolithiasis are more likely to experience gestational diabetes and preeclampsia. Original Article: Pregnant Stone Formers Have Higher Risk of Read more
Study: High-energy breakfast aids weight loss in people with diabetes
Obese people with type 2 diabetes can improve their conditions with a high-energy breakfast but a smaller lunch and dinner, according to research from Israel. Source: Study: High-energy Read more
Sharps Disposal Containers Keep Kids and Pets Safe
  These 1 quart needle disposal containers give you a safe way to dispose of used lancets and insulin syringes. Available in the NutriScape Store: Sharps Disposal Visit the NutriScape Store
Higher HbA1c means increase diabetic ketoacidosis risk
  LOS ANGELES — Adults with type 1 diabetes and HbA1c levels of at least 9% are more likely to develop diabetic ketoacidosis, or DKA, than those who reach lower targets, according to Visit External
Dapagliflozin (Farxiga) Improves Glucose Outcomes in Type 1 Diabetes
When this pill was added to insulin for patients with type 1 diabetes, their blood sugar improved without increasing the rate of low blood Read on HealthDay News