Stimulant Potentially Dangerous to Health, FDA Warns
 The Food and Drug Administration (FDA) is using all available tools at its disposal to ensure that dietary supplements containing a stimulant called dimethylamylamine (DMAA) are no longer Read more
Exercise Boosts Memory in Patients With Heart Failure
Two-thirds of patients with heart failure have cognitive problems, according to research presented at EuroHeartCare 2019, a scientific congress of the European Society of Cardiology. Read more
Meat Proteins Increase Risk of Heart Disease by 60%
Research finds that frequent meat consumption results in a sharp uptick in the baseline risk of cardiovascular disease. Studies suggest determining the effect of amino acids in meat Read more
Green tea compound holds promise for preventing heart attacks
It’s not a huge newsflash that green tea has some pretty impressive health benefits, but a new study has identified a specific compound found in the tea that could be recruited into Read more
5 highlights from the CDC’s latest report on heart disease
The CDC’s most recent Health, United Statesreport, released this April, reveals the extent to which racial and ethnic disparities in the U.S. affect cardiovascular care and rates of Read more
CPAP Mask Not a Prescription for Heart Troubles
Using a breathing device to treat sleep apnea may help you get a good night’s rest, but it might not lower your risk of dying from a stroke or heart condition, a new analysis Read more
Here’s How Middle-Aged People, Especially Women, Can Avoid a Heart Attack
Physical fitness is good for the heart, brain and overall health. But a specific type called cardiorespiratory fitness may help predict the odds of having a heart attack, especially for Read more
5 Minute Breathing Technique May Benefit The Brain & Heart
Inspiratory Muscle Strength Training has been shown in preliminary research to boost cognitive and physical performance as well as cardiovascular health. Source: 5 Minute Breathing Read more
Lifestyle Changes for Heart Attack Prevention
The American Heart Association offers these lifestyle changes to prevent heart attack including quitting smoking, good nutrition, reducing cholesterol, lowering blood pressure, being Read more
Omega-6 fatty acids may help prevent heart disease 
The higher the linoleic acid level in the body, the lower the risk of cardiovascular diseases, according to new study analysing nearly 70,000 people in 13 different countries. Linoleic acid Read more
Veggies, Fruits and Grains Keep Your Heart Pumping
As if you needed any more proof that fruits, vegetables and whole grains are good for you, a new study finds they may cut your chances of heart failure by 41%. Source: Veggies, Fruits and Read more
Diabetes Drug Metformin May Help Reverse Serious Heart Condition
Researchers say the commonly prescribed diabetes drug helps lower blood pressure, a key factor in reversing symptoms caused by left ventricular hypertrophy. Source: Diabetes Drug Metformin Read more
Can your earlobes predict risk for heart attack? If you’re under 60 they can!
Today and tell him the story about when I thought my patients wife was absolutely crazy but it turned out that she was right. There is a little thing mostly unknown in the Healthcare Read more
Diabetes in pregnancy tied to future heart disease risk
Women with pregnancy-related diabetes are at higher risk for developing cardiovascular disease in the decade after childbirth, a research review suggests. Source: Diabetes in pregnancy tied Read more
Sedentary lifestyle increases risk for CVD in older women
Older women who were sedentary for long periods of time throughout the day had an increased risk for CVD, according to a study published in Circulation. Source: Sedentary lifestyle Read more
Stroke in a can? Study warns of diet drinks’ health risks for women 50 and older
A new study shows women 50 and above who consume more than one diet drink a day have a higher risk for strokes and heart attacks. Source: Stroke in a can? Study warns of diet drinks’ Read more
Scientists link protein to increased risk for heart disease, stroke
Researchers have zeroed in on a key protein linked to diabetes, heart disease and stroke, a new study says. Source: Scientists link protein to increased risk for heart disease, Read more
Stair-climbing exercise ‘snacks’ boost health
New research finds that quick sessions of vigorous stair climbing, separated by a few hours of recovery, can improve cardiovascular health. Source: Stair-climbing exercise Read more
Why almost half of U.S. adults now have some form of heart disease
The American Heart Association said Thursday that more than 121 million adults had cardiovascular disease. Source: Why almost half of U.S. adults now have some form of heart Read more
More Proof High-Fiber Diets Help Prevent Cancers, Heart Disease
A large, new analysis helps confirm that eating lots of grains, vegetables and fruit lowers your risk of dying early from cancer or heart disease. Source: More Proof High-Fiber Diets Help Read more
Blow to low carb diet as landmark study finds high fibre cuts heart disease risk
Review commissioned by WHO says fibre in ‘good’ carbohydrates such as wholegrain bread and oats has protective effect Source: Blow to low carb diet as landmark study finds high fibre Read more
Home – Know Diabetes by Heart
Living with type 2 diabetes puts you at higher risk for heart disease and stroke. Knowing what steps to take may reduce your risk. The American Heart Association and the American Diabetes Read more
This exact time on Christmas Eve carries highest heart attack risk of entire year
Most people deck the halls with boughs of holly during the holiday season, but others could find themselves pacing the halls of a hospital. A study found that people are most at risk of a Read more
Eat A Mediterranean Diet To Cut Heart Disease Risk
New research not only confirms the heart health benefits of a Mediterranean-style diet, but also tracks these benefits over the long term. Source: Even When Not In Rome, Eat A Mediterranean Read more
Studies reveal role of red meat in gut bacteria, heart disease development
In concurrent studies, new mechanisms demonstrate why and how regularly eating red meat can increase the risk of heart disease, and the role gut bacteria play in that process. Source: Read more
Type 2 Diabetes an Independent Risk Factor for Coronary Artery Disease
Type 2 diabetes is an independent risk factor for sudden cardiac arrest and death in patients with coronary artery disease with preserved ejection fraction. Source: Type 2 Diabetes an Read more
Too much sleep linked to a greater risk of disease and death, study finds
Setting an alarm might be the only thing that helps you get up in the morning, but try setting one at night to remind you when it's time to go to Read more on CNN
Foods That Cause and Foods That Lower High Blood Pressure
If you have high blood pressure, your diet should contain (1): Less than 1.5 g of salt (NaCl) and sodium (Na) per day About 4.7 g of potassium (K) per day Low amount of cholesterol and Read more
FDA approves cardiovascular health claim for certain cooking oils
It’s pretty up in the air as to what the “healthiest” cooking oil is at the moment – coconut, avocado or olive? – but we know those three top the list. Source: FDA approves Read more
How Depression Affects Heart Health • CMHC PULSE
Two new studies highlight the negative impact of depression on the health outcomes and health-related quality of life of people with cardiovascular disease, while new research has found Read more
Veggies a Healthy Recipe for Older Women’s Hearts
Eating lots of vegetables may help older women keep their blood vessels healthy, Australian researchers report. Source: Veggies a Healthy Recipe for Older Women’s Read more
Heart disease risk may show in your earlobes, eyes, fingers
Although you can’t see your heart beating in your chest, there are visible, external signs that can indicate if something is wrong with your heart. Source: Heart disease risk may show Read more
‘Metabolically Healthy’ Obesity? Not So Much, Study Finds
Nearly 40% increase in CV events, even without diabetes or biomarker risk factors Original Article: ‘Metabolically Healthy’ Obesity? Not So Much, Study Read more
Many Women With Heart Disease Falling Short on Exercise
Too many women with heart disease aren't heeding exercise guidelines, and that could translate into even more health problems down the road, new research Read on HealthDay News