How to help your child eat healthily
A key part of the city’s strategy for tackling obesity was a focus on pre-school children and offering parents classes in how to encourage their children to be healthy. Source: How Read more
Are you struggling with your weight and eating habits?
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A capsule tricks your stomach into feeling full
A new capsule was recently cleared by the US Food and Drug Administration to help adults who are overweight or obese shed some pounds when used along with diet and exercise, according to Read more
Another Benefit From Bariatric Surgery
More than half of obese patients with urinary incontinence had improvement or resolution of the problem following bariatric surgery, according to a study reported here Source:  Another Read more
Can Prescription Drugs Cause Weight Gain? 
A list of common prescription drugs that may lead to weight gain. Source: Can Prescription Drugs Cause Weight Gain? – Read more
On “tough love” and your fat friend’s health.
I was in fourth grade, sitting in a doctor’s office, the first time my face flushed with shame. I was, I had just learned, overweight. Source: On “tough love” and your fat friend’s Read more
No, calories on menus won’t slim down America
Counting calories is now the law of the land. This month, a long-delayed regulation came into effect requiring all food chains with 20 or more locations to list calorie information on their Read more
A Genetic Risk Score Tries to Predict Whether a Child Will Become Highly Over Weight
A still-controversial test could be administered to toddlers to gauge their likelihood of becoming overweight. Source: A Genetic Risk Score Tries to Predict Whether a Child Will Become Read more
Can Excess Weight Shrink Your Brain?
Highly overweight people may show some shrinkage in their brain tissue as early as middle age, a large new study confirms. Source: Can Obesity Shrink Your Read more
Fewer Excess Pounds May Mean Fewer Migraines
For people who carry too much weight and suffer from migraines, dropping some pounds might help ease their pain, new research shows. Source: Fewer Excess Pounds May Mean Fewer Read more
Dieters Who Follow This Popular Plan Lose Weight by Eating More
The plan estimates a weight loss of one to two pounds per week, and it’s research-backed. In fact, dozens of studies, including some conducted by Rolls, support the approach, in terms of Read more
Overweight related cancers rise fastest among American millennials, study finds
The study could be a warning that if the obesity epidemic continues, fat-sensitive cancers will explode in the years to come. Source: Obesity-related cancers rise fastest among American Read more
Prolonged Low Body Weight in Young Kids Ups Risk for Anorexia Years Later
Young children with a persistently low body mass index (BMI) may be at greater risk for developing anorexia nervosa in adolescence. Source: Prolonged Low Body Weight in Young Kids Ups Risk Read more
These 12 people lost a combined 1,563 pounds. Here’s what they learned about losing weight.
Hint: It’s more than just dieting. Here are some of the strategies they shared that worked for them. Source: These 12 people lost a combined 1,563 pounds. Here’s what they learned Read more
Fast or slow weight loss makes no difference, study says
When it comes to weight loss, it’s not how quickly you lose it, it’s how much you lose, a study says. Source: Fast or slow weight loss makes no difference, study Read more
Gut immune cells may explain why some people can’t lose weight
Immune cells in the gut may determine whether our metabolisms run hot or cold, study finds. Source: Gut immune cells may explain why some people can’t lose Read more
Intermittent Fasts Plus Energy Restriction Best for Weight Loss
Intermittent fasting with restricted energy intake may provide better outcomes than daily continuous diet restriction for health and weight loss in obese women, according to a study Read more
Simple tips to avoid holiday weight gain
Overdoing it on the holiday cheer can lead to stubborn weight gain that’s difficult to lose. Source: Simple tips to avoid holiday weight Read more
12 Reasons To Ditch Dieting For Good, According To Science
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Improvements made to type 2 diabetes remission tool used in weight loss surgery
Scientists believe they have improved a tool used to predict how someone will react to weight loss surgery and the probability of putting their type 2 diabetes into remission. At the moment Read more
Public Still Suspicious of Metabolic Surgery
Much of the public holds negative perceptions of metabolic surgery, a recent survey indicated. Source: Public Still Suspicious of Metabolic Read more
Counting Calories is a Ridiculous Way to Try to Lose Weight
The calorie theory of obesity has been perhaps one of the greatest failures in the history of medicine. Given the number of excess deaths caused by metabolic syndrome, you could argue that Read more
Experts Suggest Ways to Eat Smart, Move More During Holidays
One tip is to avoid being ravenous by doing a bit of “pre-gaming” with a small meal at home before heading out to the next house or office party. Source: Experts Suggest Ways to Read more
Apples Assist Weight Loss
Apples have many beneficial effects which can be mostly attributed to their antioxidant effects and positive impacts on heart health which include helping to regulate blood sugar, as Read more
Bariatric Surgery Outcomes Vary According to Obesity Subtype
Understanding variations among obesity subtypes may help physicians do a better job of predicting bariatric surgery outcomes, researchers reported. Researchers identified four separate Read more
Morning physical activity more common among adults who maintain weight loss
Adults who maintain weight loss have more consistent weekly patterns of physical activity and are active earlier in the day compared with other groups, according to data presented at the Read more
Probiotics help gastric-bypass patients lose weight more quickly, Stanford study shows
In a study published in the July issue of the Journal of Gastrointestinal Surgery, John Morton, MD, associate professor of surgery at the medical school, showed that patients who take Read more
The #1 Rule of Fasting
As we start the new year, many people are looking to lose weight. Fasting, the voluntary abstention from eating is an ancient weight loss. Source: The #1 Rule of Read more
How to lose weight if you’re addicted to food, according to a cognitive scientist who struggled for years
Losing weight is tough work, but for some people, it can be especially hard. Susan Pierce Thompson, a cognitive scientist who struggled for decades with her weight, advocates a radical Read more
4 Myths Nutritionists Wish People Would Forget
There are misconceptions about nutrition and weight loss — here are some top Read more
There’s now scientific evidence to suggest there are real health benefits to fasting — and they’re not just related to weight loss
Intermittent fasting is growing in popularity. Intermittent fasting is growing in popularity. Researchers conducted a study that examined the impact of the 5:2 on the body’s ability Read more
Study: High-energy breakfast aids weight loss in people with diabetes
Obese people with type 2 diabetes can improve their conditions with a high-energy breakfast but a smaller lunch and dinner, according to research from Israel. Source: Study: High-energy Read more
47 Micro-Goals to Keep You Healthy (Without Knowing It)
An exploration of how little things can help you get — and stay — healthy. They say the journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step. Read more
‘Metabolically Healthy’ Obesity? Not So Much, Study Finds
Nearly 40% increase in CV events, even without diabetes or biomarker risk factors Original Article: ‘Metabolically Healthy’ Obesity? Not So Much, Study Read more
Better Food Assistance Programs Might Lower Childhood Obesity Rates
In 2009, food packages from the Women, Infants and Children (WIC) Program were made more healthy by adding fruits, vegetables and whole grains, and by reducing the amount of juice, milk and Read on HealthDay News
Cool Sculpting–Can They Really Freeze the Fat Off?
CoolSculpting works by freezing areas of fat without damaging surrounding tissues. No surgery is required, but the cost is significant. This article from Medical News Today discusses the Read more at Medical News Today
Your Gut Bacteria Might Be Making Your Weight Loss Efforts More Difficult
If you've ever felt like your weight loss was disproportionally small compared to your efforts, or the results others seem able to achieve, it might not just be in your Read more
A Low Carb Diet Might Pose an Increased Morality Risk
A study by The Lancet of Health suggests that a low carb diet, commonly seen as healthy, might pose an increased morality Read more
Can Plate Sizes Help You Eat Less Automatically?
Studies have been conducted which show, overall, that  smaller plates can help reduce consumption under specific Read more
Flax seed: the best two bites for your health
These tiny seeds help to combat cancer, diabetes, high cholesterol, autoimmune and neurological conditions and aid in weight Read more
Coverage of Weight Management Counseling in HealthCare Law
Private Health Plans Must Cover Preventive Services at 100% If you have found that dieting doesn’t work, you are not alone. Dietitians can offer real help with your weight loss Read more