CD57 Blood Test- Part of the ReCODE Protocol

Why is CD57 Important in Evaluating Cognitive Problems?

The ReCODE protocol for recovery from cognitive decline has been uniquely successful in slowing and reversing cognitive decline because it searches for the widest range of potential sources of cognitive problems. Lyme disease is just one of those sources. Lyme disease has been found to be associated with the cognitive decline of some individuals. An active case of Lyme disease must receive adequate treatment in order to stop injury to the brain. Failure to address the inflammation associated with Lyme would be tragic, therefore testing is considered a critical part of the protocol.

What is the CD57 test for?

CD57 is used to monitor remission status in patients with chronic Lyme disease.

CD57 is a type of marker that is present on natural killer cells (NK) and T lymphocytes. In chronic diseases like Lyme disease, the number of CD57 NK cells has been shown to be below normal. It is believed that the lower the number of CD57 natural killer cells in the body, the more active the Lyme disease is, and the higher the amount, the closer a person is to remission.

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