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How Do You Make the Right Choice?

Supplements Should Complement Your Usual Food Intake

Registered Dietitian Nutritionists (RDN’s) strongly recommend that nutrition supplements be chosen within the context of an individual’s overall food intake, nutrient requirements, and health considerations.

Where Supplements Fit In

Harm can come from imbalances or excess supplementation of many nutrients. It is for this reason that a whole foods strategy is strongly preferred for obtaining nutrients whenever possible.

With that said, studies show that many people do not eat the foods needed to provide adequate nutrient intake. For these individuals, supplements can help meet needs for a wide range of nutrients. But, make no mistake, supplements will not replace all the benefits of eating nutrient dense foods.

Dietitians Can Help You Choose the Right Foods and Supplements

Many professionals with various backgrounds may recommend supplements, but Registered Dietitian Nutritionists receive years of academic and clinical training in nutrition before passing a rigorous professional exam.

Registered Dietitian Nutritionists are uniquely equipped to assess potential for nutrient insufficiency based on your current intake from food, your age, gender and health risks. They can provide personalized recommendations about which supplements are most beneficial for you. Our Telehealth site can help you locate a specialist dietitian licensed in your state who can provide these recommendations.

NutriScape Supplement Offerings

With so much marketing hype and profiteering in the supplement industry, it pays to be skeptical. NutriScape is the one web resource most committed to a balanced presentation of nutritional supplements.

Why? Because the NutriScape.NET Project is made up of Registered Dietitian Nutritionists nationwide who are far more interested in professional integrity and your health results than income from supplement sales.

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