A Low Carb Diet Might Pose an Increased Morality Risk

Too much carbohydrate in the diet is bad, but too little may be unhealthy as well, researchers reported.”

by Jeff Minerd, Medpage Today, August 16th 2018


A study by The Lancet of Health suggests that a low carb diet, commonly seen as healthy, might pose an increased morality risk.

The Findings

When investigating the relationship between carbohydrate consumption and life expectancy, the researchers found a U-shaped curve in the correlation. What this means is that while those with a high carbohydrate diet experienced increased morality, individuals who severely limited their carbohydrate intake experienced comparable risks. The researchers suggest that the correlation is because of the individual’s increased consumption of animal proteins combined with lowered consumption of healthy foods like fruits and vegetables. Break out the salad!

The Healthy Way to Low Carb Diet

A solution to the problems posed by the typically followed recommended low carb diet is to replace carbohydrates with plant based fats and proteins instead of the ones found in meat products.

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