mTG: How Food Glue Can Be As Harmful As Gluten For People With Celiac And Might Even Be Part of the Cause
For people living with celiac, "meat glue" or mTG is an unlabeled additive in food that may be as bad as gluten. And it may have a part to play in the alarming rise in autoimmune Read more
Emergency Essentials: The Role of Glucose Tablets For Reversing Low Blood Sugar
Shop Blood Sugar Tablets on Amazon When you feel that shakey low-blood-sugar (hypoglycemia) feeling coming on, you’ll need to be ready with a quick carbohydrate source. Unlike candy, the advantage of glucose tablets is that they are unlikely to be such a tempting snack that you eat them for Read more
Breast Thermography: A Better Technology in Early Breast Cancer Detection
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Can Gray Hair Be Reversed? Anecdotal Reports From People Taking NMN
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Hidden Culprit Unveiled: How Nickel Allergy Might Be Sabotaging Your Celiac Treatment
Has your celiac disease been unresponsive despite your dedicated efforts to stick to a gluten-free diet (GFD)? You’re far from alone in this predicament. It’s a confusing and Read more
Nickel Allergy: Unveiling the Hidden Danger in Everyday Items
Systemic Nickel Allergy Syndrome (SNAS) and Nickel Allergy might seem like obscure health concerns, for those affected, they aren’t trivial. These twin perils emerge when our bodies misidentify the common metal nickel as an enemy, setting off an array of serious symptoms that can disrupt everyday life. From skin rashes and swelling to digestive troubles... Read more Read more
Unraveling Your Mystery Illness: Is Time To Test for Metal Exposure?
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Understanding Insulin Resistance in PCOS: A Comprehensive Guide
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Diet Culture: Why It Is Wrong
What is Diet Culture? It involves weight stigma–a societal belief that people in larger bodies are less intelligent, more self-indulgent, and less deserving of respect. It involves Read more
Bariatric Surgery: The Supplements Surgeons Say You MUST Have
Bariatric surgery has many health benefits–it’s true. However, when you are feeling good, it’s easy to slip out of the habit of taking the required nutrient supplements. Read more
Unconscious attention to food may explain weight regain after bariatric surgery
Among a cohort of adults who underwent weight-loss surgery, those with severe obesity before surgery showed a greater preconscious attentional bias response to food stimuli compared with Visit External
What Coenzyme Q10 Can Do For You And Where You Can Find It
Coenzyme CQ10 (CoQ10) is effective for Congestive Heart Failure (CHF), Diabetic nerve pain (neuropathy), Fibromyalgia, Migraine, Multiple Sclerosis, HIV, and Peyronie Read more
Probiotic Use for Diarrhea
No doubt about it, probiotics are a big seller and research into the human microbiome suggests that the bacteria in our GI tract is having potentially profound effects on health and disease.  Researchers have made progress recently in identifying the particular strains of probiotic that provide relief of diarrhea. What Are Probiotics Probiotics are live... Read more Read more